There is no membership application directly on this web site.  It is best to have a chat with one of our committee members about joining, as we can talk about the suitability of your radio and give you a general heads up on which membership level is the best for you and your radio.  (Is my radio suitable)    Memberships start from $30pa.

Committee Member:- For further information regarding membership matters zapp the QR code below or, Email:-

Committee Member:- Any membership, technical or operational queries please contact: Kim Rhodes on 0427983329 or Email:-

Membership Levels and features (Have a look)

Social members welcome - Our club and mobile phone app Out-n-About provides many features for travellers who dont own a radio.  (You dont need a radio)

HF radios can support multiple networks (Get better value from your existing HF radio)

You can pay any outstanding amounts using your Paypal account or a credit card if you don't have PayPal account, using this link  ->