Upcoming Events


Next working bee WA  24th and 25th Feb

We are in the process of future proofing Austravel with a number of equipment upgrades all around Australia.   However the working bees in W.A. are for an eventual move of Perth Base when required. Base Station infrastructure requires a lot of ground work before an equipment move can occur.

Self contained camping available on site.  Next effort is the weekend of the 24th and 25th February.  Location is near Busselton.

If interested please contact Kim (7880) president@austravelsafetynet.org.au and you'll be put on the email list.

Next Annual General Meeting

Austravel SafetyNet 2024 AGM

This meeting will be on the 19th October 2024.   Primary meeting site is Penong in SA where 5199 base is installed.  Information for Penong will be available shortly.

Secondary meeting sites will be announced near Perth and in the East.   All sites will be linked with zoom with a bit of luck.

Partners With Events

Track Care

Continuing access of tracks for now and the future and Austravel members are invited.

Track care are a volunteer group keeping tracks and areas open for 4X4 and general camping. 



4WD Club WA

A group with similar interests to Austravel members



Events organiser required in WA and Eastern States

We have over 600 selcall members, meaning there are about 1000 or so people as members in Austravel spread between the East and West.  If someone would like to have a go at organising an event please contact Kim Rhodes.

We have a few private properties we can use if required and event insurance is available.


Upcoming Events