Any traveller in Australia who visits areas outside mobile-phone coverage, should consider High Frequency radio (HF) as a viable method  of making a call for assistance or emergency contact for help in the instant required, which could be life saving. 

A HF radio connected to the Austravel Saftey Network provides more than just wide area communications. For example piece of mind for your family safety and a sense of community by being able to chat to others while travelling are just a few of the benifits.  Austravel covers distances Australia wide way beyond the limits of the telcos.  We have modern connective services to friends and family mobile phones  for newer HF radios. See Out-n-About TM   for more information.


Un-like a UHF CB radio, High Frequency radio (HF) travels long distances ranging up to 2000Km direct point to point if required.  Austravel SafetyNet with its suitably located radio base stations around Australia, provides connection to the telephone system for your calls and Internet for smart features. While travelling, communication and emergency calls are possible from everywhere in Australia .


Social distancing has become the recent motto when what they actually mean is to be “physically distancing”    However, when you travel,  you are physically very distant but that does not mean you have to be socially distant.  A HF radio will keep you intouch and can provide a feeling of comunity.


Our innovative HF radio technologies touch virtually every aspect of the recreational remote area traveller’s communications needs. HF radio network solutions strip the distance boundaries of the mobile phone network and our innovative technologies touch virtually every aspect of the recreational remote area traveller’s communications needs thereby keeping social contact with  family and friends and contact with emergency first responders if required.


Our members and volunteer workers are the foundation of our not-for-profit business model; every member contributes to our purpose. Austravel’s ultimate technical advantages in HF radio communication systems was driven by industry - leading innovators who are members of the club. Our expert members employed a rigorous process of understanding the old HF network systems, gathered ideas, applied advanced technologies, rethought processes, then provided solutions to address our members current and future HF communications needs.

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