If you URGENTLY need to contact an Austravel member call 07 2101 3457 and leave a message for the member.  Please include your name and contact details, the name (and selcall ID if you have it) of the member and then the message you need to pass on.  On receipt one of our operators will attempt to contact the member via their HF Radio to pass on the message.

Please note, this is not a general message passing facility.

There are other options for members to leave printed copy with family and friends in the member login area. See KISS How To Contact Me

Our office number is 07 2101 3456 for all general and membership enquiries.

For email enquiries about membership use membership@austravelsafetynet.org.au

Austavel SafetyNet Committee members can be contacted.


Kim Rhodes


Vice President

Peter Schrader



Rick Shea



Janette Parkin


Membership Officer

Geoffrey Peck



Roy Watkins



Bob Carne









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