2018 Annual General Meeting

Attention all members.

The 2018 Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, 25th of August, 2018.  The main gathering is to be the Kellerbering Speedway Track in WA and also at the Casino Holiday Village in NSW.

The Codan and Barrett "red button" is back integrated with Telcall+ and Out-n-About

So we all know that our loved emergency red button on our HF Radios is no longer monitored by the RFDS.

BUT, never fear, Austravel Safetynet has resurected the beloved button meaning that anyone in your travelling party can contact emergency respondents.

But how does it work?  It's not magic, BUT, you do need to need to be a member and have your radio programmed appropriately.

Telcall+ is here

Telcall+ development has been completed and is currently in operation at all of our bases.

Tellcall+ information           Out-n-AboutTM app

What's this?  Simply the most advanced HF radio system available to Australian Land Mobile HF users.

Telcall+ provides phone calls, GPS logging and SMS capability to your HF Radio.  

Extra cool Telcall stuff

There a few cool features available to Telcall+ users

Send a SMS with ->

  • "Who am I", the base will respond with your selcall
  • "Base Channells", the base will respon with a channels are available/scanned
  • "Time Please", will return a message with the date and time in WA
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