The red button is back

So we all know that our loved emergency red button on our HF Radios is no longer monitored by the RFDS.

BUT, never fear, Austravel Safetynet has resurected the beloved button meaning that anyone in your travelling party can contact emergency respondents.

But how does it work?  It's not magic, BUT, you do need to need to be a member and have your radio programmed appropriately.

WIA Convention 19/20 May 2018

The Wireless Institute of Australia is the peak representative body for the Amateur radio fraternity in Australia.  This year their Annual General Meeting is to be conducted at the Sea World Resort located on the Gold Coast Spit in sunny Queensland.  The WIA have invited Austravel to present their unique Telcall+ capable network to forum of amateur radio operators on the Saturday and to have conduct demonstations of the network during the Sunday symposium.  Details of the activity are available at this LINK.

Telcall+ is here

Telcall+ development has been completed and is currently in operation at all of our bases.

Tellcall+ information           Out-n-AboutTM app

What's this?  Simply the most advanced HF radio system available to Australian Land Mobile HF users.

Telcall+ provides phone calls, GPS logging and SMS capability to your HF Radio.  

Extra cool Telcall stuff

There a few cool features available to Telcall+ users

Send a SMS with ->

  • "Who am I", the base will respond with your selcall
  • "Base Channells", the base will respon with a channels are available/scanned
  • "Time Please", will return a message with the date and time in WA

Linville Muster

It's muster time again!  Full information here

Join us for a weekend of fellowship and playing radio in the picturesque town on Linville - CLICK HERE FOR LOCATION

We will be able to reprofile your radios for the changed frequencies and the new red button.

Alice Springs Base 8199

Austravel Safetynet are super pleased to announce our A-team in Alice Springs have switched on the new Alice Springs base.

Telcall+ is active and scanning on channels 3 (5270), 5 (7652), 7 (10203) and 8 (13910).

This largely completes our network with only one more base planned for Kunnunurra on 2018.

Casino Base Telcall+

Telcall+ is now active on our Casino base. Use the Out'n'about app available from the Google Play store to access member GPS positions and send them a message.

The GPS webpage is under development, keep an eye on the Facebook page and Twitter feed for further updates.

Shepparton Base - NEW

Finally ACMA have granted Austravel Safetynet a license to operate our new Shepparton base.

It's ID is 3199 and operates 24/7 on channels 3 (5270), 5 (7652) , 7 (10230) and 8 (13910).

Telcall and phone based HELP is supported.

AGM 2016 - done and dusted

Our Club keeps growing, the outgoing and incoming committee thanks the members for their patience while we get "up to speed".

The 2016 AGM was held at Kim's Yarloop property in September.

Incoming Committee

President - Roy Watkins
Vice-president - Tom Collis
Treasurer - Freda Madden
Secretary - Peter Schrader
Membership - Geoff Peck
Social Media - Pim Domen
Committee - Geoff Risley

A huge thank you to Denny Sharpe for his time in the vice-president's chair, time for him to enjoy his travels.

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