SKED is a standard abbreviation for a scheduled radio contact at a specific time. (i.e. every day at the same time). Austravel SafetyNet sked  operators make voice calls on 30 frequencies every day. These times and channels/frequencies are listed below in the sked timetable link and in the beginning pages of the selcall list.  The list is available by email on request and comes out as a separate email with each new addition of the Channel Chatter magazine.

Skeds will change each summer and  winter seasons as daylight effects the best channels to use around sked times as we cater for solar activity increases. These progressive changes are needed to keep providing the best HF radio coverage of Australia at sked times. Our bases and sked time selection are designed to provide strong signals to the travelling members, improving reception by overcoming potential local noise problems. Please stay up to date and check on the changes as each new selcall list comes out. Get a current copy before you head "outback".  Of course, if you are travelling and out of email range, as a regular caller on the skeds the operators will let you know in advance of any pending sked changes.

Please note... The Summer time timetable is active when daylight saving begins in the East and reverts to the Winter time table as day light saving finishes.  Skeds stay at the same actual times as before but the summer tables show local times for thoes members living or travelling in daylight saving areas.  It is suggested that you print a copy of below and take it with you.

Notes:  The UTC and actual sked times stay the same summer to winter.

Winter Time 2023 Sked Time Table East and West.

Check out the SWS web site (click on link located at the top left labelled “HF Radio Conditions”) which provides HAP charts for our bases. This information  provides a guide to the predicted transmit and receive range within Australia of each channel, current to within the hour or look at the past 24 Hr history.

Would you like to become a  sked operator?.

Austravel SafetyNet is always looking for new sked operators.   Perhaps you are house bound, maybe you have some previous history operating radios in the military or just very interested in general.   You do not need a HF radio, just some spare time and internet access.

Our base station equipment that allows members  to make a phone calls from their vehicle mounted radios can be used in the reverse direction. i.e  Trained sked operators  can dial into a base with a phone and password, enabling remote access to the Austravel HF radio base station network. 

This allows skeds to be run from a mobile phone or desk top VOIP phone.  What is a VOIP phone?  This is a type of phone the plugs directly into the internet.   If you became a frequent operator, we may provide one of these.  

This option allows anybody with a little spare time, some interest in HF radio and long distance communication and a reliable internet connection to become a sked operator. There is a  roster to help organise things.  Training assistance is available and we have a sked operator guidebook to guide you through  the process.  It is easier than you may think.