SKED is a standard radio abbreviation for a scheduled contact at a specific time. (I.e. Every day at the same time). For Austravel these times and channels are listed in the beginning pages of the selcall list which is available from the members login area of the web site, which is the most up to date or, comes out as a separate email when the Channel Chatter magazine comes out. Skeds will change summer to winter with this year’s change happening as this magazine comes out.


The sked tables need’s to progressively change as the solar activity increases and we start using higher frequencies over shorter distances. These progressive changes are needed to keep providing the best coverage of Australia at sked times. So please stay up to date and check on the changes as each new selcall list comes out. Get a current copy before you head off for travel. Of course, if you are travelling and out of email range as a regular caller on the skeds the operators will let you know in advance of a pending sked list change.

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Austravel Channel List